Monday, August 17, 2015

The Greatest Men's Tennis Matches I Ever Saw--And a Few I Didn't

I appreciated the great tennis blog The Changeover publishing my personal ranking of the best men's matches I ever saw and a few I didn't. It opened this way:

To take several years to write a 352-page novel about a tennis player (including early drafts that were much longer), you have to first be obsessed with the game. Part of being obsessed means watching thousands of tennis matches—the majority on TV, but many in person. For those I couldn’t watch or the many brilliant battles that happened before my time, I’ve looked deep into the game’s history in search of the epics.

For my personal ranking of the thirteen best men’s professional tennis matches of all time, presented here in reverse order, I’ve included five I attended, five I watched on television, and three I read about. Like all such “best of” rankings, there is nothing scientific or objective about it.

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